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WEEK 8 – Select a virtue

Make a choice related to the virtue you wish to work on and create a visual reminder

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Now that you have completed your self-assessment and interpreted the results of the Virtue Test, it is time to choose the one virtue that you will begin working on.

Virtue education, as we’ve said before, works best when you focus on one virtue at a time. There will be time to repeat the entire process and work on other virtues, but for now, just focus on one virtue.

As a result of your work in Week 7 – Understand your results,  you should have identified one virtue (and perhaps a corresponding specific vice) to work on. Write this now on a slip of paper. This will be your focus in the coming months.

Share your commitment

Accountability within a community is an important dynamic in virtue education.   Take some time to share the virtue you have selected with someone in your community.

This could be a friend, a spouse, a growth team, a discipleship group or a formation group in an educational setting. Simply let others know the virtue that you have decided to work on in the coming months.  Ask for their support, and let them know that you are happy to be accountable in your commitment.  If you are working on this plan in a group, it would be great to have a commitment meeting of some sort.

We will return to this in a few weeks when we speak about Character Friendship.

Create a visual reminder

We are creatures of habit, but we easily forget things.  To help yourself remain constant, this week you will do something different and spend most of your time creating a visual reminder of your commitment to grow in virtue. This can be whatever you want, so be creative.

Here are some ideas:

  • Create a small card to put on your desk with a slogan or motto related to virtue education.
  • Produce a piece of art that has your chosen virtue as the main theme.  This will depend on how artistic you are, but it could be a painting, graphic design, sculpture or even a song (if you are a musician).
  • Create a screensaver with an image that reminds you of the chosen virtue.
  • Make a small bookmark to use as you read more about virtue.
  • Generate a wish list of books and movies on your chosen virtue. Then set up a reminder to read/watch something at regular intervals.
  • Set up a weekly notification in your smartphone with a question, a reminder or a word of encouragement to yourself.
  • Generate a word cloud or use a meme generator and print it out.
  • Make yourself a little bracelet with knots in it – as a reminder of reminders.
  • Get something to wear, like a bracelet with a knot or a T-Shirt that you get printed for yourself with a slogan, or a cap with your virtue written on it.
  • Make a small monument and put it somewhere where you will see it often.  Maybe a small pile of rocks in V shape, to remind you of the word Virtue that sits on your coffee table.

As you can see, it does not matter what it is. The important thing is that it works as a meaningful visual reminder for you. Once you have created something, share it with someone else.

This should not be underestimated, skipped over or considered childish.  The world is full of meaningful monuments that shape us.  Just think of how visual advertisements change people and condition their choices.   So here is your chance to be intentional in conditioning yourself through your own monuments and advertisement 🙂.

Additional resources

  • Reflections from the Christian Scriptures on the importance of visual reminders: Make yourself a monument
  • Here is a free resource to generate a Word Cloud as a visual reminder of key words related to your virtue practice. Here, instead, is an easy and free Meme Generator.

You have now completed phase #2 – Test, please take a moment to provide your feedback on your experience so far.
You are ready to move onto phase #3 – Practice

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