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WEEK 28 – Celebrate and plan what comes next

Allow yourself some celebration and think of where you want to grow next

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You’re done!  It’s time to celebrate and plan what is next.


On the seventh day of creation, God rested.  He looked back on all the work he had accomplished and enjoyed how good it was. And then he told us to do the same.

When we have completed something, we should take the time to rest and celebrate. Many of us are not too good at that.  We are driven by projects and by work, and we rarely rest and celebrate.  But it is virtuous to rest and celebrate, and it is viceful not to do so.

So, do something to celebrate your achievement in virtue education. You may have not have achieved all that you wanted to, but if you are reading this page, you have achieved something, and you should focus on that.

How you celebrate is entirely up to you. But make it something unusual and special. Cook a special meal.  Eat out somewhere exotic.  Go for a short trip somewhere  Buy yourself something that you’ve wanted for a while.  Organise an evening of singing and celebration with your group. Get a picture framed and hang it on your wall.  Whatever.

As you celebrate, look back and say to yourself: ‘Well done, this has been very good’.

Plan what is next

Virtue education is not something that you do once and get it over with.  It is a lifestyle of commitment to intentional growth. So don’t stop here.  Make some plans for what you would like to do next.

  • Have you noticed another virtue that you would like to work on? Start the process described in this site all over again.
  • Would you like to share the opportunity of growth with others by leading a group of friends or fellow disciples in the process you have just completed?   If so, you might find the Virtue Education Study guide in the Additional Resources section of this site useful.
  • Do you want to read more about virtue?  There are some Recommended Sources, some Video Resources and some guidelines about Virtue in the Bible the Additional Resources of this site.  But all you need to do is to start looking, for there is much more.

You may feel a little tired at this point and you don’t really want to plan anything quite yet.  That’s fine.  Come back to this later.

Contact the author

Finally, as author of this site, I’d like to thank you for joining this journey into virtue.  If you’d like to contact me, I’d be happy to reply to you by email contact(at)virtueducation.net

Please take a few minutes to provide your feedback on your experience of virtueducation.net.

Next >  That’s up to you 😉

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