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WEEK 25 – Test again

Take the virtue test again after your habituation

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This is the final stage of your virtue education project in which you will review your progress and make new plans. You should engage with it only after you have habituated a particular virtue for several months.

If everything has gone according to plan, you should have spent the last months carrying out your habituation plan and working on a particular virtue in your life.  In a short while you will get a chance to write a little more extensively about this experience and about your growth.  But now it is time to take the Virtue Test again.

Find your previous results

You should have noted down the previous results of the Virtue Test (you should also have received an email with the results).

Look at those results now, paying particular attention to the score of the virtue that you have been working on.  You likely scored less than 75 which is probably why you engaged with that particular virtue. Make a note of that score.

Test again

Now take the Virtue Test again.  You will take the entire test again, but then focus on the results of your chosen virtue. This should take about 20 minutes as before. When you are done, you will helped in comparing and interpreting your results.

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