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Virtues in Psalm 15

Read: Psalm 15

Did you know that the Bible also has many lists of virtues?  This Bible study features and exercise to do with one of these lists.

Psalm 15 begins with the question ‘Lord, who may dwell in your sacred tent?’  This question is asking the reader what kind of person he/she needs to be to have communion with God.

What follows is a list of at least 12 expressions of virtuous character (some overlap).  Take a piece of paper and list them.  Or, alternatively, underline them in your Bible (or highlight them in your Bible app).

As you make this list, reflect on your own character.  Are there any of these in particular that you need to work on in your walk of discipleship?  Perhaps casting slur on others? Perhaps changing your mind?

Remember this is the character needed to dwell in the sacred tent of the Lord.   But not only, the Psalm ends with a promise: ‘Whoever does these things will never be shaken’.

A prayer: Lord, my desire is to dwell in your sacred tent.  I realise that you require virtues in my character as I come to you.  As I read this Psalm I realise that this virtue (______ name it) is lacking in my life and I wish to work on it.  Help me as I commit to change and bless me in not being shaken as I do so.


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