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The section features references that have been used in this site.  For simplicity of reading in the site, a standard footnote and referencing system has been replaced by a simplified abbreviation of author’s names and page/section numbers have been omitted.

    • [A] Aristotle, Nichomachean Ethics
    • [CO] Confucius, The Anaclets
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    • [KK] Kristjánsson, K. (2020) Aristotelian Character Friendship as a ‘Method’ of Moral Education https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11217-020-09717-w   Studies in Philosophy and Education (2020) 39:349–364
    • [KP] Kharunya Paramaguru, 5 Great Stories About Nelson Mandela’s Humility, Kindness and Courage
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    • [OX] Marvin Oxenham (2019) Character and Virtue in Theological Education, Langham, London
    • [SH1] Stanley Hauerwas (2018), The Character of Virtue, Canterbury Press, London
    • [YA] Yaran, C. (2007) Understanding Islam, Dunedin Academic Press, Edinburgh


As the author of this site, I am naturally in debt to dozens of other authors who have shaped by own thinking around character and virtue.  We rarely think original thoughts, and I am humbled to timidly perch on the shoulders of giants.


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