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Sull'essere intenzionali

Read:  several verses

Intention is the key in using tools that will shape our character. Character education is not automatic but will only be effective as you continually and deliberately choose engage.  So your will to change is the key.

This Bible study is simply a matching exercise.

Here is a lists of statements about intention (List A) that you need to associate with a list of Bible verses (List B).  You will need pen and paper to do this.

List A – statements about intention List B – Matching Bible verses
Intentionality begins with surrendering our plans and actions to the Lord Matthew 6:33
Being intentional calls for discernment and wisdom Romans 12:2
Being intentional means giving our best in everything we do Psalm 90:12
Intentionality requires action  Proverbs 16:3
Being intentional involves understanding the brevity of life and valuing each moment Psalm 119:105
Intentionality requires prioritising God’s kingdom and righteousness above all else Philippians 3:13-14
Being intentional means maintaining focus and avoiding distractions Proverbs 4:25
Intentionality involves leaving behind past failures, regrets, and distractions Proverbs 21:5
Being intentional requires seeking guidance from God’s Word Psalm 37:5
Being intentional involves running the race of life with purpose and determination James 1:22
Intentionality requires entrusting our plans and desires to the Lord Colossians 3:23
Being intentional means resisting the pressures and values of the world Ephesians 5:15-16
Intentionality requires diligence and careful planning 1 Corinthians 9:24

If you want to check your answers, see this site where these verses have been listed

A prayer: use two of the statements listed above to formulate a prayer.

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