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Short courses for theological educators on character and virtue education.

If you are a theological educator, there are several short courses on character and virtue applied to contexts of theological education that can be found on the ICETE Academy.

  • A Vision of Virtue. This course is designed to motivate leadership and faculty of theological schools to consider character and virtue education as a clear, central and intentional objective.
  • Virtue: Sought, Caught and Taught This course provides an overall strategy for implementing character and virtue education in a theological institution which includes a strategic, communitarian and pedagogical dimension

  • Curriculum with Character This course engages the practicalities of implementing character and virtue education in the curriculum and in course design

  • Habituation and Virtue Practices This course engages with the practices related to the education of character and virtue, with a particular focus on habituation.

  • Assessing Character and Virtue This course explores the context, possibilities and various approaches to assessment in the areas of character education.

  • Online Character Education – Really? This course explores the possibilities, limitations and strategies of educating character through distance and online delivery modes

  • Introducing Character and Virtue Education This course provides a basic introduction to character and virtue education and its relationship with the aims, purposes and practices of theological education.

Instructions on how the ICETE Academy works and how you can take courses can be found here.

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