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A selected bibliography of books on character and virtue.

Character and Virtue in Theological Education (Marvin Oxenham).  This is the book written by the author of this site.  It is written especially with a context of theological education in mind, so if you are a teacher or student in a theological college, this is the book for you.  It is written as an academic epistolary novel, making it easy and engaging to read.

The Road to Character (David Brooks).  This is a popular bestseller written by a New York Times columnist.  It deals with the importance of character and virtue and digs deeper into a number of virtues like self-examination, self-conquest, dignity and love.

After you Believe (N.T. Wright).  The author of this book is well known in Christian circles.  Here he writes to those in the church who ‘feel they have lost their way’ and suggests that the recovery of character and virtue is the way forward. Featuring some solid exegetical work in key Bible passages.

The Character of Virtue – Letters to a Godson (Stanley Hauerwas).  It is notable that one of the most important Christian theologians today has written so much about virtue.  Here is a refreshing look at the virtues in the words of a godparent to his godchild. These reflections are ‘intimate and luminous’.

Tolkien’s Ordinary Virtues (Mark Eddy Smith). Virtue is a central feature in many great books, movies and series.  Here is an inspiring example of how to ‘read’ the great works of Tolkien through the lens of virtue.  Read this, and you will never read a novel or watch a movie again without noticing virtue.

Education with Character (James Arthur).  This book is a little more academic, and is written especially with education in mind.  It is well worth the effort however, as it provides a solid foundation to the world of virtue education.

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