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Week 4

Explore more about character and virtue in global cultures

  • More on virtue in Islamic contexts.  See the Quran, Surah 16:90 where ‘Allah commands justice and kindness and charity to one’s kindred, and forbids indecency, wickedness and oppression’ or Surah 17 that offers a summary of foundational virtues.
  • More on ‘ubuntu‘ as an African approach to virtue ethics (this is simply a link to a book abstract, but try typing ‘ubuntu + virtue’ into your search engine…
  • More for on contemporary character education developments, see video seminar on Four Accounts of Flourishing as the Aim of Education
  • Pursue further research around the statement: ‘Christian theology dialogued with the classical/Greek philosophical formulations around character and virtue’. You may want to start with the interface between Aquinas and Aristotle.  Or you might look at the life and work of the Renaissance scholar Petrarch, who stubbornly advocated continuity between Classical culture and the Christian message.
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