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Is the virtue of truthfulness in your character?

A number of virtues can be brought together when we think about truthfulness. It is the disposition of saying the truth (in love), of being genuine and of living loyally in friendship and relationships.

It also relates to the virtues of being responsible, accountable and answerable for what we have, or have not, said and done, whatever the consequences. It is where Adam and Eve failed, hiding their actions, shifting responsibilities and seeking shelter in the crowd. The virtue of honesty finds its place here, where our words and intentions match our actions out of self-respect, respect for others, integrity and sincerity.

Does this describe you? If so, well done, you are a truthful person.

The opposing vices

The opposite vices are easily identified as falsehood, lying, deceit and dishonesty.

Do any of these describe you?  If they do, and if your score in the Virtue Test was low in this virtue, then you may want to choose to work on the virtue of truthfulness in your character.



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