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The Most Humble Man…

Read: Numbers 12:3

Moses is the person identified in the Bible as ‘…a very humble man, more so than anyone on the face of the earth’.

The first thing that we notice is a confirmation that humility is not necessarily self-abasement, but rather a correct assessment of oneself, which can also be a positive.  It is, in fact, Moses who writes these words in the book of Numbers about himself.  He was humble.  And he knew it.  And he was free to recognise this achievement in his character.

But notice the story that surrounds this statement of humility.  Aaron and Miriam had criticised Moses.  And they had challenged his authority.  That is a true test of the virtue of humility in your character.  Especially if you have a position of authority and leadership.

How do you react when you are criticised and challenged?  A proud person will lash out, get defensive and use his/her authority and power to silence and suppress opposition. But not Moses.  He does… nothing.  And we see that the Lord steps in to defend him, scolding Aaron and Miriam and striking Miriam with leprosy.  And here again,  is a test of humility.

How do you react when those that challenge you are justly punished?  A proud person will find nourishment in the repression of his/her enemies.  But not Moses.  He intercedes for Miriam, and the Lord heals her.

A prayer: ‘Lord, teach us to be humble, as Moses.’

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