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Is the virtue of courage in your character?

The virtue of courage is best described as taming the will to do what is good and right in the face of legitimate fears.

Be clear. Courage is not absence of fear, but right action in the presence of fear. Joshua was rightly terrified of the walled cities in the promised land, but he was strong and courageous and moved into the land.

The virtue of courage is found in your character when you face fearful situations that are larger than you are, and you nevertheless bend your will to do your duty. The key is not that you are never fearful.  What counts is that fear does not control you.

Does this describe you? If so, well done, you are a courageous person.

The opposing vices

The main vice that opposes courage is cowardice, which is when you allow your fears to dominate you and you avoid all risks of pain and forfeit doing what is right.

It is also true that courage can also go too far and fall into the vices of imprudence, rashness, foolhardiness and recklessness. This is when you do not have sufficient fear of the things that you should fear.

Do any of these describe you?  If they do, and if your score in the Virtue Test was low in this virtue, then you may want to choose to work on the virtue of courage in your character.

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