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Contexts of practice

There are different possible contexts of practice for the plan described in this site:

  1. Individual growth projects
  2. Group projects (a step-by-step Group Leader Guide is provided in the additional resource section)
  3. Educational settings (most suitable for adults and young adults)
  4. Professional development and/or team building projects
  5. Leadership training
  6. Faith-based/church discipleship groups
  7. Formation group or ‘courses’ in educational contexts (e.g. a formal theological eduction programme or non-formal training plan)
  8. A set of retreats
  9. Horizontal curricula in secondary schools (with a careful selection of activities, primary school children may also benefit)

Depending on context you are in, the way you carry our your plan may change.

Whatever your context is, you (or your group) should plan to spend  4-5 months working through the four stages around which this site is built.  That is why this site is structured as a 28-week growth plan (see an outline of the plan here).

If you are working with a group have less than 28 consecutive weeks available, cannot meet every week or have shorter meeting times, feel free to adjust planned meetings, organise intensive sessions, or alternate meetings with individual work.   It is best however not to shorten the practice time of 16 weeks, as this is a necessary ‘incubation’ period to develop new habits around virtue.

This plan might also be organised as a retreat, where you meet over a few days to concentrate on the first and second phases, the the third practical phase to individual work (supported by online accountability groups), and then meet again for the fourth phase.

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